Gold Line – Starfire

box-starfire-pistolStarfire™ is the brainchild of Tom Burczynski, the “dean” of high performance handgun bullet designers and a frontrunner in the new era of advanced bullet design. The key to its success is the broad, extremely reliable expansion inherent in each Starfire™ caliber. Created by a patented rib and flute design inside the deep, hollow-point cavity, the bullet hyper-expands to nearly twice its original diameter upon impact, delivering tremendous stopping power on target. Starfire’s average penetration of 9 –14 inches translates to more energy expended on the target and less wasted on landscape downrange.

Bronze Line

Bronze PistolEnjoy uncompromising, quality and performance from our extensive PMC Bronze™ Line

All PMC cartridges pass rigorous inspection at our electronic powder-check station, which instantly and accurately measures the propellant charge in each round. If the propellant in any cartridge varies by as little as two-tenths of one grain, the system stops, and the cartridge is discarded. No other ammunition manufacturer can assure greater uniformity and reliability than PMC. These valued characteristics run throughout our entire line.

Silver Line – eRange

eRange PistolPMC eRange® technology eliminates airborne lead and heavy metals at shooting ranges while reducing burn residues in firearms and brass cases. eRange® is particularly well suited for shooters who have constructed personal indoor practice ranges in their basements or outbuildings with limited air filtration capabilities.

PMC’s eRange® allows you to enjoy extended practice in confined spaces without fear of contamination from airborne lead and heavy metals.