About PMC

PMC Production

The Challenge

PMC accepted the challenge of building our brand into a force among the world’s greatest ammunition makers. We remain true to our customers and the values that form the foundation of our strategy. It is with a deep commitment to quality, accuracy and dependability using the most advanced technologies available that we strive to bring our customers ammunition that exceeds their expectations.

Unique Vertical Integration

PMC is unique amongst the world’s sporting ammunition manufacturers because PMC is vertically integrated. This means that PMC produces all of the components required to produce its sporting ammunition “in-house” from beginning to end. More specifically, PMC owns and operates the brass mill that produces the brass strip from which all brass cartridge cups are made. All of our cartridge cups are made “in-house,” and all of the cartridge cups are drawn into cartridge cases “in-house.” Our propellants, projectiles, and cartridge case primers are also designed and produced “in-house” as is the final assembly of 95% of the products bearing the PMC name.

PMC Production

Complete Quality Control

PMC’s vertical integration philosophy allows us to control the quality of every PMC component each step of the way in the manufacturing process.  Because PMC produces every component in the manufacturing of all center fire pistol or rifle cartridge, PMC does not rely upon the quality control of other manufacturers.

All PMC sporting ammunition is produced to either SAAMI or US Military Specification standards (Mil Spec). PMC quality control is governed by the highly sought after ISO Bureau Veritas quality certification standards.

PMC Brass & Primers

All PMC Ammunition is loaded in new brass cases with boxer primers. PMC ammunition is non-corrosive and is loaded to SAAMI specifications with the exception of 50A, 5.56X and 5.56K.  Each of these rounds complies with US MIL. spec.

All PMC Ammunition is reloadable. Some of the rifle ammunition may have crimped military primers. If this ammunition is loaded with primers that have been crimped, the crimp has to be removed before a new primer can be inserted. Most major reloading companies can provide a tool to accomplish this operation.

Supply Chain Management

In today’s sporting ammunition market, manufacturing all of our sporting ammunition “in-house” means not only that PMC controls the total product quality, but also that PMC is not dependent on other ammunition component manufacturers when shortages may occur.

PMC ProductionPMC Teams with the Best of the Best

PMC teams with US Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) when mutual benefits can be achieved.

All PMC center fire rifle ammunition (with the exception of the PMC 5.56MM rounds) sold in the United States is loaded with the same propellant used by the US military and US sporting ammunition suppliers.  PMC buys the same propellant from the same US source for loading into PMC sporting ammunition.

Our NEW X-TAC MATCH™ line of ammunition products is set to redefine match/bench and long-range competition shooting in North America and is an excellent example of teaming with another US OEM.  PMC’s new X-TAC MATCH 223 and 308 rounds will use Sierra™ projectiles in recognition of the US shooters’ appreciation of the accuracy and quality the Sierra™ brand represents.

PMC Delivers on Promises

At PMC, we deliver on our promises to our customers.  We will continue to deliver quality products that are reliable and dependable.   If we  accept a customer’s order, we intend to deliver that order so that your dealer or supplier will have the PMC ammunition you want when you need it.

Our group of PMC professionals,  engineers and shooters makes for a formidable team and one of which we are very proud.  Being a part of a team means that we look out for one another.  This is why we listen to you and stand behind the products we manufacture for you.