High Velocity Magnum Hunting Loads

"One Shot" High Velocity Pheasant LoadIn both 3″ and 2 ¾”, 12 and 20-gauge, these maximum velocity loads deliver a knockout punch of copper plating around high density lead shot. PMC specially designed plastic wads to incorporate an innovative shot cup that ensures the dense, uniform patterns needed to buckle high-flying, late season game.

 High Velocity Hunting Loads

High Velocity Hunting LoadPMC’s broad High Velocity Hunting line offers the high performance necessary to get your limit. Available in all five of the most popular gauges and a wide range of shot sizes, there is a load in this line to cover any hunting need. Each of PMC’s High Velocity hunting loads is built with clean-burning powder, one-piece plastic wads and high density shot. PMC loads in the most modern loading machines available, ensuring an unparalleled level of consistency from one shot to the next. It’s what we demand and what you expect.

High Velocity Magnum Steel

"One Shot" High Velocity Magnum SteelSteel packs a devastating punch on waterfowl, thanks in great part to components designed specifically for the demands of  wet, cold weather. Available in 12 and 20-gauge, 3 ½”, 3″ and 2 ¾”, and in varying shot sizes to provide the performance you expect on everything from fat-packed “honkers” to acrobatic teal.

High Velocity Rifled Slug

"One Shot" High Velocity Rifled SlugPMC has designed and built a slug that flies true and hammers into game like a freight train. Accuracy and payload is what slug hunting is all about. Tight groups and game-stopping power matter. It’s what a slug should deliver – which is why PMC slugs deliver just that.

High Velocity Buckshot

"One Shot" High Velocity BuckshotWhether it’s big deer, hogs, or coyotes, buckshot lets you take care of business in tight quarters and short order. Dense patterns and multiple pellets crash through brush that might deflect or stop a single projectile, resulting in a miss or, worse, a wounded animal. Our buckshot loads clear their own path to the game, then knock it down.

Low Velocity Buckshot

Field & Target LoadDesigned for law enforcement training and home defense, these loads provide a viable option for people who are uncomfortable or untrained with handguns. Often, the chilling and unmistakable sound of a pump shotgun’s action is enough to scare off an assailant. However, if that doesn’t stop the threat, these shotshells will.